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"Reforming Healthcare by preventing diseases through next generation vaccines”.

Biological Mimetics, Inc. (“BMI”) was formed in 1996 to commercialize innovative pharmaceutical products that will improve the quality of life and overall state of public health by combating resistant and emerging diseases in human and veterinary medicine.

Our mission philosophy is to remain a creative and innovative biotechnology firm dedicated to improving the quality of life and overall state of public health. Conducted through the application of novel technologies for the development and commercialization of human and veterinary biologics to address a long list of hitherto intractable disease targets involving viruses, bacteria, parasites, and cancer.

Based on the Company’s elucidation of a common vaccine evading mechanism of antigenic variation known as “Deceptive Imprinting” used by microbial pathogens and cancer cells, the company has developed a proprietary core technology termed “Immune Dampening and Refocusing”, which uses immune dampening and refocusing to circumvent such evasion mechanisms to: (1) generate vaccines against pathogens for which no effective vaccine exists and (2) improve on the strain or serotype restricted protection of previously tried and currently licensed and used human and veterinary vaccines. In addition, the technology is able to alter the natural antigenicity and immunogenicity of targeted protein antigens to induce and select for unique monoclonal antibodies that can be used for therapeutic, diagnostic, and research purposes. Therapeutic proteins and biologics can also be immune dampened to improve on their biological half-life and safety profiles.

BMI was founded in 1996 by scientists from the National Cancer Institute and initiated operations in 1997. The company’s headquarters and research and development facilities are located in Frederick, Maryland.

Since obtaining proof-of-principle for its Immune Dampening and Refocusing technology in multiple systems, BMI is actively seeking strategic partners to accelerate the development of products using this technology.

Drs. Dollery & MacLeoad


Drs. Stephen Dollery and David MacLeod discuss antiviral assays.

John Tobin and Claire

john claire3

John Tobin and Claire are having a discussion about important topics.

Our Scientists at Work


Scientists Steve Dollery, Taralyn Wiggins, Ruth Bushnell, and David MacLeod wrap up analyzing polio neutralization assays.

Our Company Morale Officers


Here, Claire (left) is getting pointers from our experienced, Chief Morale Officer, Vesper (right).

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