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"Reforming Healthcare by preventing diseases through next generation vaccines”.

BMI Scientists have examined scores of pathogens for application of IRT methods.  In general, if a vaccine provides strain-specific or no protection, it is a candidate for IRT improvements.   After identifying the pathogen, BMI will review the known literature and unpublished results regarding antigenic epitopes, structure, functional domains, and existing vaccines and design a small set of IRT candidates which can be tested in various preclinical model systems.


In its 16 years of business, BMI has derived proof of concept data on human and veterinary pathogens such as HIV-1, FMDV, Influenza, Non-typeable hemophilus influenza, IPNV, PRRS, coxidia, and malaria.  In addition, BMI has performed preliminary IRT analysis on numerous pathogens including many of the NIAID Category A, B, and C Agents as well as those for which we currently have suboptimal vaccines (influenza, polio, HepB, etc.).


BMI recognizes that the IRT method may have its greatest potential in the design of antigens for the derivation of novel and improved antibodies.  BMI welcomes new relationships for co-development of therapeutic and prophylactic antibodies for infectious diseases and cancer applications.

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