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Dr. Gregory J. Tobin

dr tobinDr. Tobin has led research and technical programs at BMI since 1999.  Dr. Tobin has significant experience in project direction and management; design, planning, and execution of research projects; personnel management; coordination of multi-site studies and development of research facilities.  Dr. Tobin fosters a highly interactive research and development group to apply the Company’s proprietary technology, Immune Refocusing Technology, to the design of antigens that induce broader protection against heterologous challenge.  Dr. Tobin continues to maintain research projects and interests in the development of broadened vaccines against human rhinovirus, RSV, poliovirus, influenza virus, HIV-1, and Acinetobacter baumannii. Dr. Tobin is currently the Principal Investigator on two active NIH SBIR grants and one STTR contract at DTRA. 

Prior to joining BMI, Dr. Tobin was a Senior Scientist and Group Leader (Gene Expression Regulation Group) for SAIC-Frederick at the National Cancer Institute.  While at the NCI, Dr. Tobin led projects related to development of virus-like particle (VLP) based vaccines for HIV-1, optimization of recombinant protein expression, development of animal models for AIDS and cancer, and investigations into the pathobiology and molecular mechanisms of bovine immunodeficiency virus (BIV) and visna virus.  Dr. Tobin was a post-doctoral scientist applying transgenic mouse models to the understanding of oncogenesis in the laboratory of Dr. Terry Van Dyke.  During his doctoral research, Dr. Tobin studied the replication of poliovirus with Dr. J. Bert Flanegan at the University of Florida.  Prior to graduate studies, Dr. Tobin gained valuable insight into virology and research methods in the University of Virginia laboratory of Dr. Jay C. Brown and William W. Newcomb.


Published works of Dr. Tobin (a partial list)


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