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"Reforming Healthcare by preventing diseases through next generation vaccines”.

BMI Scientists are the inventors of the Immune Refocusing Technology, a method for the rational design of antigens.

AdenoVirusHVRsAt BMI, we apply novel and proprietary algorithms to better understand the antigenic nature (foreigness) of pathogens and proteins. 

The technology focuses on first identifying epitopes (decoy epitopes) that stimulate strain-specific, non-protective, or disease-enhancing immunity. 

This mapping then allows us to design novel antigens in which the decoy epitopes have been molecularity removed, thus allowing the immune reponse to now be directed to the pathogen critical targets. This results in a vaccine capable of inducing broader cross-strain immunity.

Immune Refocusing is a Platform Technology.  The rationally designed antigens can be introduced into virus vectors, recombinant bacteria, or purified as recombinant subunits.  IRT has been developed primarily for the design of improved vaccines and antibodies.


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