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"Reforming Healthcare by preventing diseases through next generation vaccines”.

BMI is All About Creating and Discovering...

HJF Award...Using a new major scientific discovery of how the body’s immune system image001is mis-directed toward different types of molecular decoys found with infectious diseases and cancer cells. A new molecular technology called Immune Refocusing provides the means  for their detailed mapping and directed removal…… thus allowing the body to make a more appropriate and cross strain protective response. This changes the playing field against these highly evolved germs and  a new and significantly more efficient way for  making the next generation immuno-biologicals (vaccines and monoclonal antibodies).

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BMI is a growing, active company.  Actively focused upon improving the quality of life and overall state of public health. Read our news and press releases to learn more about what we are doing!


Fall 2012

hjflogo-150BMI has been awarded a contract from the Henry M. Jackson Foundation for the Advancement of Military Medicine.  In collaboration with scientists from the Naval Medical Research Center and DTRA, BMI will test the feasibility of applying its Immune Refocusing Technology for designing improved target antigens for preventing bacterial infections.  BMI recognizes that bacterial infections stimulate a variety of immune responses, but many of these responses are of little value in clearing or preventing infections.  BMI will assess the protective immune responses stimulated by immune refocused bacterial antigens.



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Spring 2012

BMI announces award of a grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Grand Challenges Exploration Poliovirus Eradication program.  BMI plans to design a single vaccine antigen that protects against all three serotypes of poliovirus using the Company's proprietary brand of rational antigen design, the Immune Refocusing Technology.  The availability of a vaccine composed of a single cross-reactive antigen will simplify the process of producing poliovirus vaccines and avoid problems of antigenic dominance to reduce the costs and improve immune responses.

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