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"Reforming Healthcare by preventing diseases through next generation vaccines”.

Vaccines are one of the...

“...Safest, ultimate time-released, biological preventative medicine known to man…..working 24 hrs. a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year…..why would you not want that kind of health insurance for you and your family!!!!!"

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A striking disparity exists between the small number of diseases currently prevented by available vaccines and the many infectious diseases for which no vaccine is available. Given approximately 200 years of “modern” vaccine development, there are currently only 26 human vaccines licensed for use in the United States. In general many of these vaccines are whole killed or attenuated preparations with a smaller number being subunit in nature.

There are many other infectious diseases to which the same traditional vaccine approaches fail to generate protective vaccines. Major obstacles in vaccine design are ineffective immune responses and antigenic variation. While there are a multitude of research and development activities directed at improving the magnitude of vaccine immune responses, i.e. novel vectors, adjuvants, antigen-presentation strategies, expression systems, and cytokines, vaccine solutions have not yet addressed the problem of genetic instability and antigenic variation of the pathogen, which we believe stands as the single most important obstacle in vaccine design today. BMI’s Immune Dampening and Refocusing Technology is a method that defeats this problem of antigenic variation or “Deceptive Imprinting.”

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