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Below is an introduction to some of our technology platforms including IRT (Immune Refocusing Technology), ultraINACTIVATION, and FASTchip.


IRT is the original platform technology identifies immunodominant highly divergent epitopes through bioinformatic analysis for dampening, which allows the immune system to ignore these decoy epitopes resulting in antibodies and cell-mediated responses to the more highly conserved less antigenic sites. HRV, Influenza and Covid-19 have all demonstrated improved immunogenicity using IRT.

ultraINACTIVATIONWith this patented technology pathogens are complexed with a manganese-decapeptide-phosphate (MDP) and then exposed to UV light. Advantages include a quick, easy, and reproducible process all while lowering manufacturing process costs. The MDP system has been adapted from radiation-resistant bacteria such as Deinococcus radiodurans. The front runner of this technology is ultraIPV. More information about ultraIPV can be found at

FastChipFAST is a convenient multi-chambered diagnostic tool that is pre-loaded during manufacturing with reaction components for simple, instrument-lt blue sq2free step-wise performance of CRISPR diagnostics. This technology was developed in collaboration with Dr. Ke Du, UC-Riverside and can be integrated with isothermal RPA amplification and CRISPR cleavage for instrument, yet sensitive nucleic acid detection compatible with emerging infections in low-income countries who are most devastated by these infections.

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