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"Reforming Healthcare by preventing diseases through next generation vaccines”.

Monoclonal Antibodies….. otherwise known as ”Magic Bullets”

“......Prior to BMI’s discovery, identifying new monoclonal antibodies is currently  a hit and 1image025miss process-depending mostly on the natural immunodominance of the protein target…… due to the molecular decoys this leads to an large and inefficient  discovery process with antibodies often being to the wrong an/or less functional epitopes. BMI’s Immune Refocusing Technology improves the efficiency by 10-100X and results in antibodies that are targeted to the most functional and broadest epitopes."

BMI’s technology is able to alter the natural antigenicity and immunogenicity of targeted protein antigens for vaccine purposes. The strength of the technology, however, is that the very same antigens/immunogens used for vaccine purposes can also be use to induce and select for unique monoclonal antibodies for therapeutic, diagnostic, and research purposes. Identification of novel therapeutic antibodies using Immune Dampening and Refocusing can be done in infectious disease and oncology applications.

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